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The Complexity of Education Quality in the Province of Misiones Imprimir E-mail



Rajimon, John
Universidad Nacional de Misiones
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas
Ruta Nacional Nº 12 - 7 km ½ – C.P: 3304
Miguel Lanús – Misiones - Argentina
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Quality is a subject that must be considered as a guarantee exigency in the formal education system, as much in the processes as in the final results. The complexity of education quality has to do with the quality of life of all the society, considering that it is a subject that goes beyond the limits of the school, due to the multiple interactions of the different actors. It is a task that implies responsibility and society’s commitment as a whole in favor of growth and social and economy development. The concept of quality at different times has determined that at present it is applied to the education environment, taking as reference the criteria and principles established in the modern theories from the organizations, to consider the efficiency of different products and services. Management style is key in a quality organization, an open and shared leadership, with a vision put not only in the demands of the moment, but in the injunctions of the national and world-wide economy, as a factor of development of the nations. The best marketing of the product is the satisfaction of the users.

Quality, Complexity, Management, Leadership.


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