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Corporative Government an Approach to the debate state Imprimir E-mail



Juan Omar Aguero
Universidad Nacional de Misiones
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas
Campus Universitario – Ruta 12, 7 ½ km - C.P. 3304
Miguel Lanús – Misiones - Argentina
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The intention of this paper is to present an approach to the state of debate on which, in literature and, enterprise practice is known as corporative government. Four questions are approached: a) which are the antecedents of corporative government as a phenomenon? b) which are the applied models of corporative government in diverse countries?, c) which are the internal and external mechanisms by means of which the corporations are managed and controlled? and d) which are the principal axes, of the present debate on corporative government? In relation to these matters, in the first place a revision is made of the antecedents of the problem of the separation between property and administration, from Adam Smith to the formulation of which today is known as corporative government. Secondly, the models of corporative government applied by the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Japan are analyzed. Thirdly, the corporative mechanisms, the corporative market mechanisms of market and regulatory are used for the direction and control of the corporations and, finally, some important matters are examined that integrate the present debate on the corporative government.

Corporative Government, Governance, Corporative Control


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