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Forestry Exports Dynamics in the Province of Misiones Imprimir E-mail


Diaz Amalia Maria Lucila (1); Guarrochena de Arjol, Marina (2); Diaz,  Darío Ezequiel (2)
(1) Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Facultad de Sciencias Forestales.
Bertoni 124 - C.P. 3380-  Eldorado – Misiones - Argentina 
(2) Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Facultad de Sciencias Economicas. Ruta 12 km 7 ½ - C.P. 3304- Miguel Lanus - Argentina Misiones.
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This article evaluates the dynamics of external forestry products sales of the Province of Misiones, and its behavior facing some macroeconomy variables that impact on the competitiveness of Industrial Forestry sector. 
The performance of this productive sector has demonstrated very significant results in extending its capacity of offer to the external markets; in less than a decade, it multiplied by 157 % the annual value of its exports, representing 62.7% of the total exports.  
The exit from convertibility meant favorable conditions for the forestry exporting sector of Misiones, generating an expansion in the period 2001-2004.  The drop of the international demand, of Misiones’ forestry product exports, worsened by consequence of the subprime crisis in the United States of North America (the U.S.A.), causing a recession of the exported amounts and generated less international rents. 
The exporting dynamism of the forestry activity of Misiones shows signs of having reached a plateau, not only due to the the retraction of the international market, but also, as a result of the loss of competitiveness by the appreciation of the real kind of exchange, and the acceleration of internal costs. 

KEY WORDS: Forestry Industrial Sector, Competitiveness, Exports.


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