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Process Management: An Effective Management Approach Imprimir E-mail



Mallar Miguel Ángel
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Secretaría de Gestión Administrativa, Económica y de Servicios – Rectorado
Parque Gral. San Martin – Centro Universitario – Mendoza (5500)
Laprida 1147 – La Puntilla – Lujan de Cuyo Mendoza (5505)



Increasing efforts with a focus on adaptation of organizations of the complex environment where they move in, are observed. The rules of the game change, competition increases, the opening to the world through technology, making the clients more demanding, modifying their demands and needs.
The Process management arises as an approach that focuses the attention on the organization activities to optimize them.
In this paper the organization will be considered as a net of interrelated or interconnected processes, where the classic vertical organizing structure, which is effective on a function level, is oriented to a horizontal conception, moving the focus of interest from the structures to the processes as a methodology to improve capacity, concentrating itself on the disciplined design and on the careful execution of every process of an organization.
Concluding, the methodology of application of the process Management is an appropriate management tool, for the present which is a successful alternative to achieve more and more better outputs.

KEYWORDS: Structure; Process; Value; Organization; Methodology.

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