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Social Action in Socially Responsibily Business Imprimir E-mail


Jorge Roberto, Volpentesta
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Centro de Estudios Organizacionales
Av. Córdoba 2122, (C1120AAQ), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina
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The research proposed as general objective to increase knowledge about the characteristics of the actions that companies make in Corporate Social Responsibility programs with interested groups (stakeholders) who are in the community or society, from an organizational perspective, trying to clarify what are the causes and / or circumstances that determine and explain the design of such diverse activities ranging from those characterized by a central dirigisme proper implementation of business logic and in which you work from a desk to the other, to those from its inception involve and engage the recipients of those actions generate real actions with others.
Interest in this knowledge is based on more and more companies are taking action or intervention programs in the social field, but not always effective considering the social impact. To analyze the processes involved, the organizational circumstances, structural causes and procedural logic that prevail in the design of these actions can help appraise, a priori, their effectiveness and potential outcomes, facilitating the development of a possible model for guidance on the fundamentals needed to conduct successful social interventions.

KEYWORDS: Corporate Social Responsibility; Stakeholders; Social Action; Social Impact.

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