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Information on the First Level of Care Imprimir E-mail


Orzuza, Gloria Beatriz
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Universidad Nacional de Misiones
Miguel Lanús, Misiones, Argentina
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Reception date:02/22/12 - Approval date:05/25/12


In Latin America and the Caribbean there are some limitations on access to health care as the scarcity of resources, physical and cultural distance between public and demanding population. In this sense, in the definition of health policies formulated by the States, t the incorporation of information cannot be absent and communication technologies, as the concept of e-health applications includes electronic medical records, telemedicine services, health portals and hospital management systems.
In Argentina there was a great interest of the medical professionals in telemedicine and informatics health and in 1992 held the first World Congress. Since then, begin many initiatives in telemedicine, distance education, health portals and electronic medical records.
Researches on national health conclude that Misiones is one of the Argentine provinces that are located in a more unfavorable situation compared to other provinces. In this framework, the general strategic guidelines will contribute to an information system to be developed in the first level of care, in order to obtain information necessary for decision making and facilitate the optimization of management.  

KEY WORDS: Health; Primary Care Level; Information; Strategic Guidelines.

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