A Journey Through the Neo Institutionalism Authors and Highlights Imprimir

A Journey Through the Neo Institutionalism Authors and Highlights


Henríquez Fuentes, Gustavo Rafael

Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia



This article is an effort to address the thinking of the leading exponents of the current institutionalism Neo. It is written in a way that allows us to observe the development of business from a perspective that combines the rational and non-rational thoughts of people, where selfishness and opportunism play an important role, and where the institutions created by man are regulator actions.

Neo institutionalism for transaction costs become northern theory, and how to seek efficiency to decrease in a common goal of actors. Other important factors Neo institutionalism treat in the article are the institutions as the main unit of the theory, the contract, specific assets and Vertical Integration as a way of managing seeking efficiency in processes. The theme of vertical integration will allow the reader to understand the importance of the acquisition of the many assets tangible and intangible assets of another company in order to reduce costs and take total control of the production process, thus achieving design operations most beneficial way for the buyer to the extent that decreases market dependence.


KEY WORDS: Institutions; Contract; neoinstitutionalism; Vertical Integration; Asset Specificity.

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