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The Management of Work Capital an Enterprise Challenge Imprimir E-mail
Lic. Yoania Castillo Padrón.  
Lic. Obanis Miguel Camejo Monasterio  
Dpto. Ciencias Contables, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales.  
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This paper called " The Management of Work Capital: An Enterprise Challenge”, was developed in the Cienfuegos Integral Forestry Enterprise, belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture. Its objective is to design procedures of work capital management, of the Cienfuegos Integral Forestry Enterprise and to put at the disposal of the enterprise different financial alternatives which will allow operating with an appropriate work capital.  
As a result of the work the following matters were determined: the decrease of the Work Capital and the fundamental causes, the insufficient liquidity, the clients that fulfill their payment commitments, the inventory accounts in which the enterprise has the largest investment and the main financing sources in the short term.  
For the development of the paper, different techniques were used for the reception of information such as: bibliographical revision, interviews, observation, also analysis abilities of the variation of work capital and also evaluation of the elements that compose it, were developed.   
Informatics technology is used starting off from the use of the different Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel applications.   
KEY WORDS: Work Capital, financial management, cash, accounts to be charged, inventory, financing.  

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